3-1/2″ Siding Starter Strip


3-1/2″ Siding Starter Strip



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Phillips EDGEmaster® 3-1/2″ starter strip product is used as a permanent siding part. Starter strip, as the name implies, is the first part installed when putting permanent siding onto a home. It is installed level and at the lowest point of the original sheathing. This gives the first row of siding something to hook on to. Starter strip is an extremely important part of a siding job. If the starter strip is not installed level to the eave, the siding will appear to go up or down hill. Along with a great design and strong quality, Phillips starter strip is the way to go on your next project. Starter strips are also available in 2-1/2″ and 3/4″ offset. This product is only available in hot-dipped galvanized finish.